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2003 GMWP Pin
Frankye Rev. A ground breaking ceremony for the 2003 GMWP Hickman County HFH house was held on Saturday May 31, 2003. Centerville OES Chapter #329 held its official visit later that day. This meeting was followed by Grand Master Ronald Coates' home-coming District Meeting (District #6).

Over 100 individuals were present, including Grand Master Ronald Coates and his Grand officers, Grand Commander Brother Terry Plemons and many other brethren, OES sisters and family members. Also attending were Brother Norman Ballard, current Worthy OES Grand Patron and Sister Janet Hopson, current OES Worthy Grand Matron and a large delegation of OES Grand Officers.

Hickman County HFH president Frankye Ward (see photo at left) welcomed everyone and thanked our Masonic Family for their past support of the affiliate and for the project we are about to undertake.

A very moving invocation was offered by Senior Grand Warden, Rev. Brother Paul Philips (see photo at right).

Ballard Hopson Frankye then turned the program over to GMWP director, Brother Tom Boduch. Brother Boduch welcomed everyone and mentioned that this would be the 10th house built by Tennessee's Masonic Family since the VISION 2013-HFH partnership program was begun in 1996. He stated that each of the preceding 9 projects was unique in some way. What was unique about the 2003 GMWP Hickman project, is the fact that many members of the Hickman County Masonic Family were instrumental in founding and running Hickman HFH. Many Masons and OES sisters are serving on Hickman HFH's board of directors and committees.

By way of example, he then introduced Brother Norman Ballard (photo at left), OES Worthy Grand Patron, a board member and the Treasurer of Hickman County HFH. Worthy Grand Matron Sister Janet Hopson (photo at right) and Brother Ballard both spoke and pledged OES support for the construction of this house.

Brother Boduch then introduced 2003 Grand Sword Bearer, Brother J. Ray J. Carter Owens, a member of Hickman HFH's family selection committee. Brother Owens then introduced the partner family, Marty Sr. and Tonya Carter and their children Marty Jr., Melinda, Dorothy and Virginia. The Carter family expressed their appreciation and joy for their new home.

Shown in the photo at left is Grand Sword Bearer Brother J. Ray Owens. Brother Owens is a Past Master of Centerville Lodge #618, Grand Master Coates' home Lodge. At the District Meeting later that evening, the Grand Master mentioned that Brother Owens served the Lodge as Worshipful Master the year he was born!

Shown in the photo at right is the Carter Family with Grand Master Ronald Coates. Brother Tom Boduch is standing behind and between Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

Rev. Deputy Brother Boduch then introduced Grand Master Ronald Coates and mentioned that the Grand Master has been involved with past Hickman HFH projects, and had served Hickman County as a County Commissioner. The Grand Master greeted everyone and expressed his thanks and appreciation for the support shown by his Grand Officers and by the Order of the Eastern Star.

Rev. Jay Bybee, the Carter Family Pastor (photo at left), then offered a prayer of blessing for the house. Led by Deputy Grand Master Richard Durham (photo at right), the hymn BLESS THIS HOUSE WAS sung.

Next, the Grand Master, Carter Family and Grand Officers grabbed shovels and turned the first shovelfuls of dirt to begin construction of the house. Shovel Ground For the ground breaking, Grand Master Coates used a shovel that had been painted with his 2003 Grand Master's pin logo and theme for the year--VISION WITH ACTION--see photo at left. On the back of the shovel, the date was inscribed. Shown in the photo at right are the Carter Family, Grand Master Coates and 2003 Grand Officers. The shovel artwork was done by a member of Centerville Lodge #618.

Several presentations were then made. Brother Boduch presented Treasurer Brother Ballard (photo below left) with money raised by selling GMWP pins and T shirts at District Meetings. Brother Don Hover presented PENNIES FROM HEAVEN collections from Spring Hill Lodge #124. Brother Glen Choate (photo below center), Treasurer and Past Commander of Dickson Commandery #41 and past Worthy Patron of Dickson Chapter OES #291 presented donations fro both bodies. (Grand Master Coates is also a Past Commander of Dickson Commandery #41). Brother Herbert Brinker and his wife Marjorie then presented a donation (photo below right).

Boduch Choate Boduch

Willie Terry Grand Master Coates' mother, Willie Bea (photo at left) then presented each of the Carter Family members with a 2003 GMWP T Shirt.

Brother Boduch then introduced Brother Terry Pinkerton and his fiance Sister Brenda Lee (photo at right) and presented both of them with a 2003 GMWP T Shirt. Brother Terry is a licensed contractor and will be the site manger. He is serving as Junior Deacon of Centerville Lodge #618. Sister Brenda is the executive director of the Hickman County Economic and Community Development Office and a member of the Board of Directors of Hickman County HFH. She and Brother Terry are also serving in the West in Centerville's OES Chapter.

Grand Master Coates and his Grand Officers then posed for a group picture (see photo below right) with the Carter family. They were next joined by the OES Grand Officers (see photo below right).

Grand OES

Grand A benediction was then offered by Senior Grand Warden, Rev. Brother Paul Phillips, after which, Grand Master Coates posed for a photo with his parents, Brother A. J. and Willie Bea (see photo at right).

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