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updated 12/16/2013

Welcome to Nicholas E. Oldham Council #378 AMD's Home Page.

We were constituted on February 26, 2000 and received our Charter at the annual AMD Grand Council Meeting in Washington D.C. Our meetings are held at Sparta Lodge #99. The 2013 Meeting Schedule is as follows:

Monday, March 24, 2014--Scottish Rite Conference Room
Grand Lodge Building
After Grand Council Calls off for Lunch

Sunday, August 3, 20134--Ladies' Dinner--5:00 P.M. Central Time
Hutson Home--Spring St., Sparta

Saturday, December 6, 2014, 10:00 A.M. Central Time
Annual Meeting and election of 2014 officers @ Sparta Lodge #99

Nicholas E. Oldham was the first Worshipful Master of Sparta Lodge #99, and served in that chair from 1842-1846 and from 1849-1851. He was born in Virginia on May 4, 1800 and died in Texas on November 11, 1877. He served as White County Court Clerk from 1835-1844.

In his later years, he served as Secretary of his Texas Lodge and was noted as "One of the best Scribes with a Goose Quill Pen." His dedication and service, though many years ago, laid the foundation for Masonry in the Sparta area. Because of his dedication, our Council is named in his honor.

Sovereign MasterRichard Smith
Senior WardenDan Jones
Junior WardenBobby Green
Secretary/TreasurerRobert Officer, PSM 2000
ChaplainTom Key, PSM 2005
Senior DeaconJoe Kindoll
Junior DeaconRobert Hart
TilerJoe Hix
WebmasterTom Boduch, PGM 2010, PSM 2004

Rev. Donald Brooks
Michael Bryant, PSM 2013
Jim Fuller, PSM 2002
Richard Gould
Bobby Green
Robert Hall, PSM 2001
Thomas Ben Hamilton Jr., PSM 2006
Hugh Martin, PSM 2009
Ron Oslin, PSM 2010
John L. Palmer, PGM 1997, PSM 2007
Jay Piper
Hoyt O. Samples, PSM 2010
M. Alan Smith PSM 2012
Ed Steinhauser
K. I. Wright, PGM 2000, PSM 2003

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